Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Portfolio Addition (15 Mar)

I have added HPH Trust to my portfolio. HPH is a container port business trust. Since its listing, it has been giving consistent dividends with increasing DPU (given in HK$). At current trading price, yield is attractive at more than 7% (Based on approximated exchange rate HK$1=S$0.16).

Dividend Schedule (2013):
As I have missed the March dividend, I will only be getting the Septmber one this year.

Dividend History:
2011 Sep: HK$0.143 (approx $0.02288)
2012 Mar HK$0.234 (approx $0.03744)
2012 Sep: HK$0.2405 (approx $0.03848)
2013 Mar: HK$0.2719 (approx $0.0435)

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