Friday, March 21, 2014

Thoughts on Inflation and AIMS AMP REIT Rights Update

Singapore consumer inflation seen at 4-year low in February (as reported in Straits Times 20 Mar 2014). Inflation rate for the past 3 years are in the region of 3-5% (Source). However, this does not seem to paint an accurate picture to me, as I observed many examples of price increase on everyday consumer items close to the range of 10%.

Just today, I realised the kopi sold in the coffeeshop near my home increased to $1.10 from $1. The fomula milk powder for my son was upped by $3 from $40 when I bought at Guardian a few weeks ago. The recent raise in duties for liquor has also resulted in price increase of about $0.50 for a $5 bottle of Tiger beer. Even ice-cream sold in my company canteen normally at $1 was increased to $1.10.

Is your investment/trading able to provide a consistent gain of 10% or more to beat the inflation?

Before ending this post, I would like to update on the recent 7-for-40 rights issue of AIMS AMP REITS. I have subscribed to the entitled rights allocated and additional excess rights. Through this rights issue, I have gain invaluable knowledge about rights and how allocation is done (there are many useful blogs which provided helpful info such as "Bully the Bear"). Due to the strong demand (97.8% valid acceptance and 183.5% over-subscribed), excess rights are scarce. I was lucky to get enough excess rights to round-up my odd rights units, as I have heard people ending up with odd lots without excess rights allocated for them to round-up. Post-rights issue, my average entry price has been reduced from $1.415 to $1.3592.


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