Saturday, April 5, 2014

McDonald's Surprise Promotion

It is said that "a dollar saved is a dollar earned". Now you can get free food items from McDonald's everyday! Sounds too good to be true? (I had reservations too until I tried it). Just install the "McDonald's Surprise" App from the Android Playstore and follow the simple steps:

1. Open the "McDonald's Surprise" App.

2. Set an alarm to any time of the day.

3. Once the alarm is triggered, click the "I'm Awake!" button to see your reward (only 1 reward will be awarded per day!). The reward is randomised and may include free food items with or without purchases (So far, I have gotten a free Sunrise Roll, 1-for-1 6pcs McNuggets, free small fries with any purchase and a free apple pie)

4. Walk into any McDonald's restaurant and click "Redeem" in front of the order-taker.

5. Enjoy!

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