Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Portfolio Update (21 Aug)

  • Note: P/L computation only takes into account the current holdings in the portfolio, and excludes capital gains/losses and dividends from divested shares, and commission charges/fees
  • Note: Above schedule is forecasted based on previous year dividends. There is no gurantee that companies will decide to follow the schedule


  1. Hi Paul,

    Perfect! Nothing in red.


  2. Hi Passive Income Farmer,

    Haha.. Welcome to my blog. You are the first person to write a comment on my blog. :D
    Well, it so happened that mkt was up on the day this update was posted, and the fact that Wee Hur and NeraTel was divested, which were in the red and removed from the portfolio.

    I guess keeping winners does sort of help to give sense of safety margin to continue my income-investing journey.

    I do read your blog too, and you have selection of really good companies there. :)