Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Portfolio Changes: Added Silverlake Axis (26 Aug)

Silverlake Axis saw its shares plunged more than 20% last Fri (21 Aug) before it was halted. It closed today @ $0.46, down more than 50% from $1+ range when I started monitoring it. This was after serious fraud accusations made against Silverlake Axis in a short-seller report published on 20 Aug. (Source:

I guess the decision to catch the falling knife lies ultimately on whether you trust the integrity and financial statements reported by the management. I think the concerns were valid and fear was aggravated by a lack of transparency from the management, in light of the recent cases like Noble, Olam and China Minzhong.

At the time of writing, Silverlake Axis had bought back 7M shares at $0.4563, which represents about 9% of today total volume.

After considering, I decided to make a calculated risk and added Silverlake Axis at $0.47 today. I guess I will need to be prepared mentally If the accusations turn out to be true.

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