Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Portfolio Update (Dec)

  • Note: P/L computation only takes into account the current holdings in the portfolio, and excludes capital gains/losses and dividends from divested shares, and commission charges/fees
Dividends for Dec:
  • UMS: $0.01
  • AIMSAMPI REIT: $0.028
  • OUE Htrust: $0.0172
  • Silverlake Axis: $0.006
Recent Portfolio Changes:
  • Added Osim @ $1.03 (16 Dec)
It has been a while since my last portfolio change when I added stake on StarHub in Sep. Since then, it has been a quiet period partly due to waiting out the weak market conditions with the Fed rate hiking as well as the need to accumulate more cash-flow.
I have added Osim as its price tanked closer to $1 range. One thing about Osim is that its dividend payout date happens to fall on the barren months of Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct, where most companies/REITs typically do in Feb, May, Aug, Nov. With the addition of Osim, I will now receive dividends on every month of the year.
Jan - Osim
Feb - Kep Infra Tr, First REIT, SoilbuildBiz, OUE Htrust
Mar - Tai Sin, AIMSAMPI, Silverlake
Apr - Osim
May - Kep Infra Tr, UMS, First REIT, SoilbuildBiz, KepCorp, StarHub
Jun - QAF, AIMSAMPI, OUE Htrust, CMPacific, StarHub, Silverlake
Jul - UMS, Osim
Aug - Kep Infra Tr, First REIT, SoilbuildBiz, KepCorp, StarHub
Sep - QAF, AIMSAMPI, OUE Htrust, CMPacific
Oct - UMS, Osim
Nov - Kep Infra Tr, Tai Sin, First REIT, SoilbuildBiz, StarHub, Silverlake
Dec - UMS, AIMSAMPI, OUE Htrust, Silverlake
This will likely be my last portfolio change for the year as 2015 draws to a close. I have managed to meet my target for the year and will be looking forward to continue my investment journey based on my plan.

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