Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 Portfolio Update (Apr)

  • Note: P/L computation only takes into account the current holdings in the portfolio, and excludes capital gains/losses and dividends from divested shares, and commission charges/fee
Thanks to the coming long weekend with May Day holiday, I finally took the opportunity to do this posting for April's portfolio update. Seems that I am getting lazier due to work and family commitment ;P.  There is no interesting changes to my portfolio except waiting to collect my dividends from M1 this month.

There is a spike up in share price of UMS today due to the company's announcement that it has secured 7 projects in Asia, Middle East and S America worth S$13M. With its new business direction to diversify beyond semiconductor industry, these new projects suggest demands in it's new proposed water and chemical engineering business, and most importantly, mitigated its long-time key customer risk - Applied Materials, which contributed to about 80-90% of UMS's revenues.

Further developments to the M1 saga also helped to improve the valuation of my weakest counter, M1. With interested parties in the picture, it seems the buyout possibility could be higher now.

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